Psychotech Labs.
Web3 development services
At Psychotech, we help you transform your idea into a reality thanks to our team of experienced blockchain developers. We also help you design the projects' strategy and roadmap to make it succesful. 🚀
We are experienced blockchain developers willing to make your project a reality
Just contact us and we can schedule a meeting to start working together. Also, special pricing may be available for your project following its characteristics.
Blockchain development services
We turn your project into a reality, just give us a call, tell us all the project details, and we will develop your project. So simple!
Project strategy planning
Need help to plan your project? Don't worry, we help you with that as well. We have the best strategists willing to work on your project.
Orientative Pricing
Check our predefined pricing packages to estimated the cost of our project. To get a detailed pricing, please book a meeting!
Standard NFT project
ERC721 + Minting frontend
From 2450$
Perfect services for an NFT collection that want to have the technical aspects fully covered and secure to launch.
Advanced NFT project
ERC721, ERC721A or ERC1155 + Customized frontend
From 3650$
The pack for professional projects that want to look serious and have high quality frontend and smart contracts, with some custom functionalities, beeing 100% safe.
Custom NFT Project
NFT Custom contracts
From 4850$
The best package for custom and profesional NFT projects with complex functionalities and custom frontend.
This is our best service, where we offer fully customized web3 project, from simple forks to complex projects. Build your own idea and turn it into a reality thanks to our experienced team.
Starting from 6950$
Price may be different depending on requirements, please book a call to get a best estimation.
Projects where our developers have worked in
This are examples of ours developers work. We must clarify that these projects are not owned by us, they are pure contractors work.
MOONSTERS mint web & smart contracts
We created and designed the minting page for the moonsters project, as well as the corresponding smart contract. We also worked in the moonsters disco and the smart contract as well.
NFTDEMUSICA marketplace
We are currently developing an exclusive NFT marketplace for hispanic music nfts that will live in the Binance Smart Chain.
GOLB's landing/minting page & smart contracts
We have created GOLB's landing page and we are the developers of the smart contract, which is an ERC-721A that will be deployed in the Ethereum mainnet.
More in development
We are currently working on 5+ other projects which are still in early stage. As soon as we launch any of them, we will publish it here.
Request for free a call to discuss your project's details
We can talk and create a budget according your requirements and situation, as well as help you with the projects strategy and create a development plan.
Your project will be 100% secure
We help you grow your project
You receive all the source code
We can take care of maintenance